• 2021.08.20
  • Report
  • 鬼山ホテルシャッター壁画プロジェクト

完成!活動の様子は24時間テレビで!/ Oniyama Hotel Shutter Art Project -Completed!-

Oniyama Hotel Shutter Art Project will be on TV on August 22nd at noon!





It had been two months and we finally completed the Oniyama Hotel Shutter Art Project. We struggled to finish up the final work due to continuous rain but today we had a break in the weather! The staff painted seven colours of yukemuri (steam from hot springs) with feelings from their hearts. Put a crescent moon on the painting of the night on the side of the shutter. The owner of Oniyama hotel participated today and she painted eyes of oni. Now they look alive.

The members who completed this attractive work are tourists, local people and people with mental and physical disabilities. Especially we would like to mention that we could not carry out this project without the offer given by Oniyama hotel. We appreciate the job opportunity for our staff with disabilities. Furthermore, we also would like to say thank you to TOS TV Oita who had noticed our project since the beginning and gave us an opportunity to be on TV. You can see our interview on 24 HOUR TELEVISION on August 22nd.

Finally thanks to all who supported this project. We will keep the motivation high, get more funds and continue to cheer up the local communities. If you visit around the Oniyama hotel on Miyuki hill in Kannawa, please check this Oniyama hotel shutter art!

-Broadcasting date & time: 12:00-12:30 PM, on Saturday, August 22nd, 2021
-Broadcasting station: TOS TV Oita
-Program name: 24 HOUR TELEVISION