• 2021.05.10
  • Report
  • 第一調剤薬局キリンオブジェPROJECT

親子のキリンオブジェを設置!/ Set UP The Giraffe Statues!

The Hope for Statues to Be A Loved Symbol in The Town

On May 10th, 2021, we finally set up the giraffe statues in front of the Dai-ichi pharmacy. Members from Y.H2 and naNka gathered and celebrated the special day.

We conducted a small unveiling ceremony. Please watch the video above.

A parent giraffe and a child giraffe standing close to each other.

They look like enjoying talking to each other.

The crew members from local tv station TOS participated in the ceremony. Mr. Imadaya, who is the owner of the pharmacy and members of naNka and Y.H 2020 were interviewed. This interview will be on TV soon.

The unique giraffe statues are completed by getting many supports from so many people including Mr. Imadaya. He participated in the project and helped us creating giraffe’s ears and horns. We are hoping that these giraffes will be a loved symbol in the town, bring more people and make everybody smile.

One of the attractions of art by artists with disabilities is that they win people’s hearts with unique representation using dynamic colours or creating bold shapes with their colourful imaginations. Nowadays, their arts are used as a part of design materials or paid more attention as the action for SDGs. The demand for their art is increasing more than before. We believe that we do not even need the word “disabilities” when we talk about their art, but right now we must mention that those art pieces are created by artists with disabilities to keep the place where they belong in this society. Therefore, naNka Co. Ltd. will conduct projects as business activities with artists with disabilities not support activities for them. There must be so many things that we can do. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with!