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naNkaオリジナル卓上カレンダーを発売!月ごとに違う手描きの数字が魅力/naNka Original Calendar with Special Handwritten Numbers is on Sale!

naNka 2023 Calendar

naNkaはこの度、多くの人に障がい者アートの作品をより身近に感じてもらうため、2022年11月1日より卓上カレンダー(naNka 2023 Calendar)を販売。





We are selling desk calendars (naNka 2023 Calendar) from 2020, November 1st so that more people would feel familiar with the arts created by artists with disabilities.

It is a B6-size monthly calendar which perfectly fits on your desk. Each month is designed with artwork and handwritten numbers created by the artists.

We chose artworks related to seasonal events such as a rabbit as the zodiac animal of 2023 made by felt for January, two cats and a heart for February, and hina door created by watercolour and Japanese paper for March.

The sales of the calendars will return to artists to support their social participation.

Enjoy unique art every month with naNka calendar.

1月:うさぎ / 2月:猫とハート / 3月:雛人形 / 4月:桜 / 5月:ヒョウ / 6月:梅雨 / 7月:七夕/ 8月:カブトムシ / 9月:山と海 / 10月:アイロンとスプレー / 11月:秋 / 12月:別府の夜景

名称:  naNka 2023 Calendar
発売日:  2022年11月1日
価格: 1,000円(税込)
販売場所:ECサイト (
一般社団法人 デザイナーズカンパニー Y.H2020(ユーツー)オフィス内
株式会社Cont オフィス内

List of Works

January: Rabbit/ February: Cats and a heart/ March: Hina door/ April: Sakura/ May: Leopard/ June: Rain/ July: Tanabata (star festival)/ August: Beetle/ September: Mountain and ocean/ October: Steam iron and spray/ November: Autumn/ December: Night view in Beppu

The sales of the calendars will return to artists to support their social participation.

naNka 2023 Calendar
-Released date:
2020, November 1st
1000 JPY (tax included)
*There will be a 200 JPY shipping fee for the purchase at the E-commerce website.
E-commerce website (
At the office of the general incorporated association, designers company Y.H2020
At the office of Cont Co. Ltd.